Available in Starcraft 2 Custom Maps


Residuum is a melee multiplayer map that I created using the Starcraft 2 Editor along with the assets that came with it. It is currently available on Battle.net. I designed this map because I love the mechanics of Starcraft's three races and how their units counter each other. I wanted to test my ability to make a competitive map that highlighted the importance of the high ground and good positioning. 


My Role:

-Designed the map layout.

-Performed QA testing.


-Starcraft 2 Editor


-The center canyon provides a quick way to your enemy's base but units can be positioned on the high ground to pick off entire armies one by one.

-Smoke rises in the center of the canyon to conceal an ambush.

-Detours along the sides are safer but take longer to traverse and are blocked by rocks. 

-High yield mineral patches are located far away from your main base. You can reach them earlier if you destroy your protective rocks and take your enemy's minerals.

Design Challenges:

-The biggest challenge was balancing the risk/reward of the canyon. It was easy to make the canyon dangerous but not as easy to give incentive to walk through it. In the end, I blocked the side paths with rocks and added an expansion so that if players want to be safe, they will have to break through these two defenses.

-Another challenge was giving players incentive to split a part of their army onto the high ground of the canyon. By putting watch towers on the canyon walls, it allows players to have less units guarding the canyon because the map vision allows time to regroup if their sentries are too few. 

What I learned:

While making this map, I got some good practice making the most of the map's space. I had to fit many expansions into a small area while still maintaining the core canyon mechanic. Because this was difficult to do, I also learned how important it is to just throw away a design that is not accomplishing my goals and start over...many times. In short, I learned to iterate quickly.