Available in Starcraft 2 Arcade Maps


The Ancient Glade is a Starcraft 2 Arcade Tower Defense map I made with the Starcraft 2 Editor and the assets that come with it. You play as a Warcraft hero who can build towers and use spells to fight back against the Starcraft invaders and bosses. I made this map because I wanted to learn more about scripting events in the Starcraft 2 Editor. I also have been wanting to try my hand at making boss fights for a while and this was a good opportunity to make three basic ones. 


My Role:

-Visually scripted the logic behind waves of enemies and bosses.

-Designed map layout to give options for effective tower placement.

-Assigned abilities, stats, and a leveling system to the heroes and towers.

-Performed QA Testing.


-Waves of enemies spawn from four different lanes.

-Two lanes are guarded by Ancient Protectors. Keep them healed and alive and you only have to do half the work.

-Bosses spawn after every nine waves. They move around, attack different targets, and can summon minions.

Design Challenges:

-One challenge from the beginning was designing the terrain of each lane. I didn't just want them to be straight because I wanted players to be able to be creative with their tower placement. I adopted a technique of making the lanes widen and narrow at different choke points so players could see certain areas that would be better for towers than others. I then added small amount of high ground the different characters could take advantage of in different way. 


-Another challenge was deciding what abilities and stats to give the heroes. I started with a spreadsheet to guide me on who was going to be quick and agile or slow and tough. From there, I started playing around with abilities to see which ones were fun. My goal was to give each champion one main ability and then two more abilities that could compliment either the first ability or the champions general play style. 

What I learned:

During this project, I learned my way around the Starcraft 2 Editor's way of programming actions and editing unit statistics. I also learned how to store large lists of data and call certain pieces of information from those lists depending on what was happening in the game. Overall it helped me to become more efficient with my code.