Die With Me was a team project made in 48 hours during the 2015 Global Game Jam. It is a cooperative game where two players have to either work together or compete by controlling physics-based cubes. My team and I made this game to provide players with a quick and fun experience that they could share with a friend.


My Role:

-Designed the flow of the level.

-Scripted game mechanics.

-Collected feedback from QA testing.



-Players reset their jump by touching either the ground or each other. This rewards players for sticking together by allowing for mid-air jumps.

-Platforms that are frozen at angles teach players how to use Unity's odd friction mechanic to their advantage by climbing walls.

-Currency is spread throughout the level to encourage a little competition and create a unique social atmosphere where you need your friend to progress but you still want to win.


Design Challenges:

-My team and I found it challenging to find a fun mechanic in such a small amount of time. I helped us decide by quickly iterating on movement mechanics until something felt right. 

-A problem I've been continually running into in Unity is that the friction allows you to stick to walls. Since this game had to be made in such a short amount of time, I decided to incorporate this bug into our game as a feature.


What I learned:

Developing this small game taught me the valuable lesson that more work alone does not make a game better. My team and I stumbled upon a good level flow very quickly but we tried to change and add things too much. Eventually we realized that we ruined the fun by adding too many new mechanics and puzzles. In the end we caught ourselves before the deadline and worked to polish the pieces that were fun. It ultimately showed me that I should find mechanics that are fun and focus on making them better rather than just adding more.