This game is currently in development at 717 Games. This is a studio that is part of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and is run by the Team Game Production class. It is a game where you play as two characters that have to work together to traverse environments and collect critters.


My Role:

-Lead the Environment Team and the Volcano Team

-Designed the Volcano level layout.

-Scripted the game's main mechanics.



-Switch between two characters to fly or dig to navigate the world. 

-Energy and Critter currency is placed throughout each level to help guide the player. This is especially useful when encouraging player to split up their characters.


Design Challenges:

-It was challenging keeping the global rules of our physics true throughout every level because there were different teams working on different levels. To help this issue, I created a Global Physics document that everyone could add to or reference. 

-Another issue was that not every level designer was fluent in the C# programming language. Because of this, I exposed many different variables in my scripts so that other level designers could have a certain amount of control over their own environments.


What I learned:

During the development of Critter Caper, I learned a lot about adjusting the difficulty of a level. The level I worked on used to be very hard with the justification that it was the last level. However, it was much harder than the rest of the game and it was causing players to become frustrated and quit. I learned to identify which parts were unfairly difficult and give the player a larger margin for error.