AstroBird is an endurance game for Android and previously on IOS. Your objective is to play as a mother bird from space and she falls to Earth to collect her babies. My team and I decided to make this game because we recognized our small school project was becoming polished and we wanted to have the experience of actually publishing a game before we graduate.


My Role:

-Designed levels 1, 2, 3, 9, and 10.

-Programmed basic movement and save data.

-Integrated the scripts to show ads between levels.


-Unity 3D



-Players collect their babies while avoiding hazards along the way. 

-Collectables are placed throughout the levels in such a way that they help guide the player away from hazards.

-Coffee and Peanut Butter power-ups are arranged to give the player the ability to either escape situations quickly or slow them down for more control.

Design Challenges:

-Making sure that all the levels' difficulty scaled correctly was a task on its own. We decided to create a document that detailed out the different tiers of hazards according to how difficult it was to avoid them. We then created a list of which levels will use or introduce which tier of hazards.

-My team and I needed to find a good point in the gameplay to place advertisements. Shortly after I got the ads working, we realized that a banner ad at the top of the screen would suit our game best because most of the action comes from the bottom of the screen. This way, even if a player did not click off of an ad, they could still fully enjoy our game.

-After a lot of collaboration, my team and I decided to show ads after completing a level or after three deaths. This is a frequency that doesn't harass the player during the gameplay while still allowing ads to be shown during the game's down time.

What I learned:

Designing AstroBird taught me the importance of play testing on the target platform. Developing for a phone was challenging because there would always be bugs that happened on the phone but not on the computer. Because of this, I learned to play test every change we made on the phone just to be sure it still worked.